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Medical Treatment of Hyperthyroidism (part I)

Summary This paper, published in February 2010, is a review of what is known about the drugs used to treat Graves’ Disease.  No new research was done in this article, but it’s a nice synthesis of the earlier literature. This … Continue reading

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Association between radioiodine therapy for Graves’ hyperthyroidism and thyroid-associated ophthalmopathy

Summary Two earlier studies of Graves’ Disease that found that treating Graves’ Disease with radioactive iodine rather than antithyroid drugs caused a large (3-5X) increase in the risk of developing Graves’ Opthalmopathy (GO), an eye disorder. However, there were also … Continue reading

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Radioiodine therapy (RAI) for Graves’ disease (GD) and the effect on ophthalmopathy: a systematic review

Summary This paper was a “meta-study”, meaning that they did no new research themselves, but instead did a statistical analysis of many existing papers to bring all the various studies together. The paper is quite readable and I recommend reading … Continue reading

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