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Medical treatment of hyperthyroidism (part II)

Summary Earlier, I posted about the beginning of this article. Now I’m finishing it up. This section talks about “antithyroid drugs of second choice”.  These are drugs that don’t exactly “fix” the problem, but relieve some of the symptoms. Potassium … Continue reading

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Association between radioiodine therapy for Graves’ hyperthyroidism and thyroid-associated ophthalmopathy

Summary Two earlier studies of Graves’ Disease that found that treating Graves’ Disease with radioactive iodine rather than antithyroid drugs caused a large (3-5X) increase in the risk of developing Graves’ Opthalmopathy (GO), an eye disorder. However, there were also … Continue reading

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Euthyroid and primarily hypothyroid patients develop milder and significantly more asymmetrical Graves ophthalmopathy

Summary This study examined whether symptoms of Grave’s opthalmopathy (GO) were associated with patients’ levels of thyroid antibodies and/or levels of thyroid hormones. The hypothesis is that patients with high antibody levels and/or high thyroid hormone levels would have more … Continue reading

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